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@iwamikanko Graffiti was found in a small cabin at the back of Arasuna shrine. The coast of Iwami has been designated as a national park. To protect the beautiful landscape, please refrain from making graffiti.

Okay, Free! fandom, this is very serious business. As you can see above, a fan, and most likely, a foreigner, judging by the name on that graffiti, has obnoxiously defaced shrine and national park property in Iwami, the town which was used as the base for “Iwatobi” in Free! It was found and tweeted by nonetheless, the tourism board of Iwami.

This is very embarrassing moment for Free! fans, seeing as even the Iwami tourism board has incorporated Free! in their tourism ads. It not only degrades the image of the Free! fans in Japan but also, of the foreign fans. 

I really do hope if one of you people ever go to Japan, please, please, please, do refrain from doing such things. It not only reflects lack of etiquette, but lack of common sense and high levels stupidity as well. 

If ever you are tempted to do something like this: DON’T. Misrepresenting fans and foreigners aside, the rudeness inherent in defiling any part of shrine property is astronomical. Just don’t.


Aoba Segaraki / Dramatical Murder by H


Aoba Segaraki / Dramatical Murder by H

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